Sizing guide for Hoppediz baby slings

Our sizing guide is a brilliant tool that helps you to find the adequate sling length for you. It is particularly useful if you and your partner want to share the sling. Pay attention to the fact that we filled our sizing guide with practical values and then calculated the results.

It’s as simple as that: Choose your clothing size and the tying variant you prefer. The sizing guide shows the required sling length. If you want to know which variant your partner could tie with your sling length, choose their size and your sling length, and our guide will show you the possible tying variants.

The sling might seem too long in the beginning since a newborn baby needs less fabric than a toddler. Furthermore, our slings are a bit longer than indicated when delivered in order to have the right length after washing.

What configuration size do you have?

Configuration sizes for women
32 (XS)
34 (XS)
36 (S)
38 (S)
40 (M)
42 (M)
44 (L)
46 (L)
48 (XL)
50 (XL)
52 (XXL)
Configuration sizes for men
44 (XXS)
46 (XS)
48 (S)
50 (M)
52 (L)
54 (XL)
56 (XXL)

The right way to tie for you / or choose your desired way of binding

The right sling-length for you / or select a desired sling-length

2,50 m
3,70 m
4,60 m
5,40 m