Water game shower


    Water game shower

    Water game shower


    Ducks were yesterday – modern babies take the automatic watergame “Shower” with them into the bathtub.

    This toy has so many possibilities for gaming that your little ones will refuse to leave the bathtub. The principle is quite simple. Push a little on the funny face (and your child can do it all alone!), and water will be taken inside which then will leave the outlet in an endless jet. The exchangeable inserts provide great effects with different water spraying functions:

    1.    Water splashes like under a shower.

    2.    The flow of water drives a propeller.

    3.    A smaller insert comes up just like a peek-a-boo.

    The inserts can be used one for one or stacked together. In the last case, water will flow through all three inserts. The inserts are held by a pivoting arm which can be placed directly under the jet of water or aside. The showerhead pivots as well.

    The water game “Shower” is suitable for children from approx. 9 months of age.

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      Water game shower

      Water game shower

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