Roll & Play

    Roll & Play – das Kinderspiel für Euren Nachwuchs!

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    Roll & Play

    Roll & Play

    Roll & Play – das Kinderspiel für Euren Nachwuchs!


    Roll & Play is the first game that has been developed especially for toddlers!

    The principle is easy and ingenious for families with children older than 18 months who have been waiting in vain for the experience of playing together.

    Throw the large, plush dice and determine the winning colour together with your children. Then, choose a playing card of the same colour and perform the task together. “Make a happy face.” or “Moo like a cow!” The tasks are easy enough that a toddler can perform them without problems. They improve your child’s development and are really fun!

    Roll & Play gives children an understanding of playing in an easy way.

    Special features of Roll & Play:

    • Suitable for children from 1.5 years
    • Contents: Plush dice, 48 cards, storage bag for cards and dice, and playing instructions
    • No. of players: 2 or more

    Attention: Remove all packaging materials and fasteners prior to use!

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      Roll & Play

      Roll & Play

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