A blocked nose is very unpleasant especially for your baby, since it cannot sniffle without help. The nose should be regularly freed of mucus to allow your little one to breathe freely.

    Our nose-cleaner is a great and easy-to-use helper:

    Insert the top of the nose attachment thoroughly into one, and then into the other nostril.
    Remove the nasal mucus smoothly with the help of the negative pressure arising.
    Wash the removed mucus with warm water from the sponge and the nose attachment.
    Use an isotonic saline solution from your pharmacy before in case of very viscous mucus.

    You should sterilise the complete set in boiling water or in hot water vapour after use in order to kill all the present bacteria.
    The sponges may be used and sterilised several times.

    Contents: 1 nasal decongester set, 5 replacement filters

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