HOPPEDIZ - Product Overview

About ourselves: History (as depicted by Annette Schröder)

We are very glad to not only embellish your life with our products but also to enrich it sensibly. Just like our children, we also had to learn to “walk”.

From the very beginning...

In 1999, we received the good news: a baby! We felt a pleasant anticipation, and when I saw a woman shopping with her baby in a sling I knew immediately: that’s what I want to do with my baby too! But none of our friends had such a sling or could share the experience. After a long search, gathering information, and comparing activities as well as being really shocked because of the high prices for baby slings, I started my creative work. Thanks to my experience in the textile sector, I could order a sample of cotton cloth from a good supplier that met my expectations: very long and diagonally stretchable due to a special weave, not wearing out, and giving optimum support for the “carried baby". But this first sample was far too rigid; the second seemed to be much better but wasn’t long enough. The third cloth only arrived after our son Jan was born, and until then I had carried him with my arms that eventually got longer and longer. And still there were no suitable instructions for how to use this cloth. So we had a good cloth – but how shall I use it in the right way? After having attended a baby sling course at the AWO (a kind of worker’s welfare organisation), afterwards I knew: binding and carrying could be so easy if explained correctly – and carrying makes parents and babies happy! I reported my experience to some mothers in a toddler group and other friends, and I infected them with my enthusiasm. I also ordered some items of “my” comparably cheap cloth. When further demands came up, I first registered my business, and then I continued to further consider baby slings and the possibilities to wear them.  HOPPEDIZ® was born!

Some years later...

Time flies! As the years go by, the question of the baby sling business wasn’t exhausted by far. My husband Ingo and I attended many training courses, and since then we have recommended the Trageschule® Dresden. Ingo even became Germany’s first qualified carrying adviser. We also learnt a lot from midwife meetings, congresses on breastfeeding and premature babies, and we could establish contacts. In the meantime, our whole family had become involved, we established partnerships, and our office ran greatly. The fandom of HOPPEDIZ® baby slings became bigger and bigger, and we were overwhelmed that our idea to offer a good sling for a fair price was accepted in such a positive way. And, of course, we didn't stop: We were represented at fairs and conferences, and we continuously developed our production under control - and finally we were given the overall rating “VERY GOOD” for our baby slings from Öko-test, the German ecological test magazine!

In May 2007, our daughter Nina was born, a very special child. We are happy that she joined our family – Nina suffers from Down Syndrome. During our intensive carrying time she once again showed us the positive effects of nearness and feeling of security while being carried. At the same time, we added our BONDOLINO® to our product range. It is an ergonomic comfortable baby carrier that is meanwhile accepted as a comfortable alternative to the classic baby sling. We developed the BONDOLINO® together with recognised and experienced carrying experts, designers, and a pattern cutter. It is the first carrying aid made of the special fabric of the baby sling that supports a baby correctly and optimally, and can be easily applied without using a difficult technique. Especially fathers who sometimes have problems with the classic baby sling are glad to have this easy carrying option. In the meantime, HOPPEDIZ® offers a broad product range beyond baby slings, and it is continuously extended.


After weaning, our daughter Nina had problems learning to drink from classic pots or bottles. Having already made wonderful experience with the treatment concept of the Castillo Morales Centre in Mülheim/Ruhr (Germany), we contacted the founder, Jörg R. Prüß, and together we developed a special cup of our own for all children who must learn to drink: our CamoCup®. After three years of trying, testing, watching, and modifying, Nina and also other children in her integrative kindergarten accepted our innovative drinking aid very well. Today, the CamoCup® is available in seven colours, and it is suitable for all who like it. Furthermore, it is very helpful for infants, children, and adults with a reduced ability for suction and drinking, and dysphagia.

Our products are often created by chance or due to necessity – either because we are missing something or because we see the needs of other persons. Then, we start to search, develop, and find good solutions, and we complete our offer with further practical and special products and "eye-catchers". Lovely jacquard slings with interwoven motifs as well as the smallest limited editions of special products are equally included just as e.g. decorations made of Swarovski® elements on our BONDOLINO®. Our commitment still remains: we offer top quality at the best price possible to all mothers and parents. For many years we have been supported by a great team – and in the meantime our first retiree started her well-deserved retirement. We still rely on our informal working climate where everybody feels comfortable.