HOPPEDIZ - Product Overview

Quality : COC slings


Cotton from controlled organic crops:


Here, we use raw cotton from growers which do not use any pesticides or synthetic fertilisers on the fields. Since the cotton is picked by hand, the use of defoliants is unnecessary.


Where does the COC cotton for our HOPPEDIZ® Baby Slings come from?


We purchase our COC cotton directly from growers in India in order to prevent unnecessary transport. Growing of COC cotton is still in the initial stages in India, but due to the increasing demand more and more Indian growers are turning to COC cotton in the long-term. The internationally recognised SKAL organisation checks growing conditions in order to guarantee that COC cotton has been grown according to ecological and social requirements. If the production works (as is the case for the cotton supplier to HOPPEDIZ®) fulfils the requirements, SKAL issues a certificate for the quantities supplied. You can find out more information about SKAL here (currently available only in English and Dutch).