HOPPEDIZ - Product Overview

Benefits for parent & child

Benefits of carrying for the baby

  • Babies are not just infants, they can be carried, and carrying helps to satisfy one of their primal requirements for nearness and security.

  • In the case of premature babies, the loss of time in the mother's womb can be made up outside the mother, but extremely near to her. Carrying binds both mother and child even more, especially if they had less contact earlier on.

  • When close to your body, your baby feels secure and protected. It feels your movements, and it can hear and smell you. This has positive consequences for the entire physical, motoric and mental development.

  • The sling is also a suitable means for the parents of adopted children to give their child security, safety and a sense of basic trust.

  • Flatulence and the pain caused by three-month colic can be considerably reduced by the light massage provided by the movement in the sling and the warmth of the person carrying it.

  • Babies are gently comforted by the light swaying movement, just as they are during the time in the mother's womb (even in the case of children who cry a lot and have colicky pains), and often go to sleep during carrying.

  • The sense of balance is trained particularly well by the wide variety of movements which the baby makes with you from birth onwards. The metabolism is also stimulated.

  • The spread position of the legs as a positive effect on the development of the hips, and can also help to diminish incorrect positioning and to correct it.

  • Infants are naturally provided with a rounded spinal column. For this reason, it is also beneficial for their development if they do not have to lie "straight as a board” in bed or in a pram. Thanks to the special weave possessed by your HOPPEDIZ® Baby Sling, the sling adapts individually to your baby's body and supports it. This is not possible with other carrying aids or bags.

  • Your baby can observe the world "from above", and right from the beginning it has the feeling that "I belong out there."

Benefits of carrying for the parents

  • You can always have your child with you wherever you are (shopping, on the beach, in the woods, jumble sales, bus, train ...). This is not always possible with a pram.

  • In addition, your requirements for nearness to your child will be met simply and naturally, even (and especially) for premature babies.

  • If you have an older child (or even several) which also needs its share of kindness and affection, then you always have your hands free while the baby is in the sling.

  • Lighter housework (dusting, vacuuming, cooking ...) can also be carried out with your child in the sling, and you do not have to wait until your child is sleeping. This means you have a little more time for yourself and can use the baby's rest times for other purposes.

  • You get to know your own child much better due to the close contact and quickly recognise and react to its requirements better. This also means creating a very good foundation for a sense of basic trust.

  • When you carry for longer periods, you have your child near to you and do not overstretch your arms (you should start with shorter carrying times so that your back, shoulder and pelvic musculature can gradually get used to these new movements).

  • A sling does not take up much place and is quickly to hand. When, for example, your child is learning to walk and gets tired after a while, you can simply put it in the sling. This means that you can react better to your child and do not need to spend all your time battling with a pram.

  • Especially fathers have the chance to build up an enjoyable and intensive relationship to their child/children when they are carrying them in the sling, and to experience and consciously enjoy the resulting bodily contact.